I chose the name of our blog based on Psalm 31:14-15a.

"But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, You are my God. My times are in your hands."

This verse struck me over these past few months since Rodney, our dear husband and father passed away in July 2011. The footnotes in my Bible say it so well. "In saying, "My times are in your hands." David was expressing his belief that all of life's circumstances are under God's control. Knowing that God loves and cares for us enables us to keep steady in our faith regardless of our circumstances. It keeps us from sinning foolishly by taking matters into our own hands or resenting God's timetable." Our lives as a family have been tough for us. I think anyone would agree. It is easy to resent God's timetable. I would have never imagined being a widow and a single mother to three daughters at 37 years old but ultimately I am learning to cry out as David "My times are in God's hands."

I am starting a blog and ending my writing on Caring Bridge. We began a Caring Bridge site in late August 2009, over 2 years ago. You can look back through our journey as my husband Rodney was diagnosed and battled Leukemia. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/rodneylamfers

I began writing a journal out of necessity and found that I loved it. Writing became more than sharing our medical journey. It became sharing our hearts; our joys, our fears, our struggles and most of all our hope in God. I hope to continue to share these same things.

This blog is our new family of four walking this earthly path; hour by hour and day by day, in God's strength realizing that - OUR TIMES ARE IN GOD'S HANDS!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

4 years ago...Rodney went to his heavenly home

In Memory of Rodney Lamfers
August 6, 1973 - July 15, 2011

You have all maybe heard what they say about the dash (-) between our birth and death written on our stone at the cemetery.  The dash represents a life and the question is "how will you live that life?"

In remembering Rodney today I wanted to use his words.  These are words abbreviated from his caring bridge entry in March of 2011.  These words represent a life well lived for first and foremost God, then his family and friends, then his work he loved as an accountant.  What he wrote is all about those priorities and how to keep them in proper balance.  I hope remembering him in this way today will honor the memory of this man I love and I cannot imagine has been gone to heaven for 4 years already.

Here are Rodney's words:

"Life is GOOD and God is GOOD.  Just remember to enjoy life and not focus on all that is bad.  Even today we see things that are good."

"Even in the midst of all of this I have a peace that is unexplainable.  I am incredibly sad, somewhat mad, I have shed many tears but yet there is a peace and calm that overcomes after those periods.  I know that when I die I am going to Heaven where there is no pain and suffering."

"God numbers our days.  Make wise use of your time."

"Work is important but work is never done.  Spend time with family.  I have clients that are fun to work with.  But at the end of the day (or the middle if I could) I wanted to be home playing with the kids.  Going to their activities.  Just sitting together watching a movie.  That is life and what is important to me."

I love this picture because it reminds me again where his priorities were.  He is all dressed for work but taking time to go to the classroom with one of "his girls" as he referred to me and his 3 daughters.

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